Fat 4 Fuel:

Acupuncture Program

10 Weeks

Acupuncture Program

Learn how the TCM energetic organs, meridians & substances influence how the body burns, stores and eliminates fats.   Optimal food & lifestyle choices can get your body

burning fat for fuel.


Sure, food intake is a part of the equation but there are a number of other factors that can be preventing you from losing weight. Our 10 weeks acupuncture program looks to regulate all of the relating systems to harmonize the way your body uses and stores fat!


We love helping clients achieve their health goals. 

Small lifestyle changes with acupuncture can have a big impact on your weight & overall health.

Ready for the experience?

Kevin Joubert Registered Acupuncturist

2 Carlton St.                                         (Corner Yonge/College)

Toronto, On M5B 1J3


1st Treatment? Once you've booked online, Kevin will email an online intake form to fill out.