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Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is what makes us stand out. If you've ever wondered about cupping, our acupuncturists are highly trained to provide safe and effective treatments that will melt away tension and stress. Located at Yonge and College, our

College Park acupuncture clinic is a zen space, ideal for relaxation while getting treated.


Benefits of Cupping Therapy (CT)


Muscle Relaxation:  The negative pressure of CT helps to stimulate blood flow and encourages tight muscles to relax.  


Stress Reduction The pressure, pulling and stretching of the cups initiates your parasympathetic nervous system

to encourage deeper breathing, slow heart rate and lower blood pressure. 


Lymphatic Drainage:  Cupping therapy encourages your own body's detoxification process by activating the lymphatic system to remove toxins and waste products. 


Fascia Release:  Cupping therapy gently pulls and stretches fascial connective tissue allowing for adhesions to release, fascia to relax and move without restrictions. 

What to expect in a treatment?


The initial consultation will cover many areas of your health history. Our first appointment will be 60 minutes long in order for our therapists to do a proper evaluation of your condition and to address any questions you may have. Follow up sessions of cupping therapy are 30 minutes long. 


What about those cupping marks?


Yes, most clients experience the cupping marks to varying degrees. The marks maybe light red to dark purple. Most marks resolve in 3-5 days. The color of the marks depend on the health of the underlying tissue. As the cup passes over the skin, the suction will pull blood cells through damaged capillaries to the surface of the skin. The more damage soft tissue (ie muscles) the darker the color. On rare occasions, clients may experience skin bumps or rash, which usually resolves on its own within a week. 

How many treatments will I need?


Most clients experience noticeable improvements after the first session. For some, the results occur 1-2 days post treatment. Follow ups are usually done every 2 to 3 weeks. 

Are there any cautions or contraindications for cupping therapy?

Yes, there are a number of cautions that should be addressed prior to cupping therapy. CT cannot be performed when a client has a fever, visible rash or open skin wounds. Clients on blood thinning medications or history of stroke should get approval from their doctor. Proper suction is difficult with clients with excessive body hair. 

We love cupping therapy & our passion for it shows. 

Our clients love it & we hope you do too.

Ready for the experience?

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