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5 Weeks Stop Smoking

For clients who have made the decision to quit smoking, acupuncture can be a great tool to help boost your chances of success. This program is not for clients who are still smoking but would like acupuncture to have them stop. Acupuncture therapy will help ease some of the cravings for cigarettes and decrease the stress from changing this life habit. When stress levels are under control, the desire for smoking may be lessened. Whats more important is replacing the smoking habit with healthier ones. 

We use powerful body and auricular (ear) acupuncture protocols to help with the temptation to smoke, lower stress hormones and promote better sleep.

Quitting smoking is difficult. Arming yourself with information, putting in place a great support team & addressing behaviour that co-opts your success will help you stay smoke free!

The 5 weeks program consists of 2 weekly treatments, for 5 weeks. 30 minutes each with both body &  ear acupuncture.  Each session is $50     


We love helping clients achieve their health goals. 

Small lifestyle changes with acupuncture can have a big impact on your cravings for cigarettes.

Ready for your last cigarette?

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