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Electro Acupuncture

Ok, hear us out. Electro acupuncture (EA) may sound scary or even painful but it's anything but that. EA takes our treatments to the next level. Say goodbye to pain and hello to sweet relief. We use just the right pulse and frequency to reduce muscular pain or to eliminate stress induced insomnia and anxiety. Our acupuncturists are highly trained to provide safe and effective treatments. You're in good hands. 


Benefits of Electro Acupuncture (EA)


Muscle Relaxation:  The pulse is sent down the acupuncture needle and spreads through the muscle tissue, encouraging the muscle to relax. 


Stress Reduction:  By stimulating the body with the most gentle of pulses, EA can flip the switch on an over taxed nervous system and promote deep relaxation. 


Increased Blood Flow:  EA stimulate the flow of blood to the area, resulting in less inflammation and promoting fresh blood to help heal. 


Pain Reduction:  By stimulating the body with the right frequency and pulse rate, the body will begin to release natural painkillers into your system for immediate relief. 

What to expect in a treatment?


The initial consultation will cover many areas of your health history. Our first appointment will be 60 minutes long in order for our therapists to do a proper evaluation of your condition and to address any questions you may have. If appropriate, electro acupuncture may be used in session. Small clips are attached to needles and a gentle pulse is activated. Although, we may need to get a strong sensation, it's never painful. The whole point is for you to relax with the needles stimulated for up to 20 min.


 How many treatments will I need?


This varies from client to client. Most experience some improvements after the first session but since the benefits of acupuncture are cumulative, a course of treatments will be necessary to optimize results. 

Are there any cautions or contraindications for electro acupuncture?

Yes, there are a number of cautions that should be addressed prior to electro acupuncture. EA is not appropriate for clients who have pace makes, metal implants around the area to be treated or clients prone to seizures or epilepsy. 

We've seen remarkable results with electro acupuncture.

That's why our clients love it.

Ready for the experience?

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