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  • Kevin Joubert

Spring: Season of Creativity, Renewal & Growth

Traditional chinese medicine correlates springtime with the Liver and GallBladder, both of which are responsible for the free flow of energy throughout the body. The smooth flow of qi means increased energy and a pain-free body. Longer days and brighter sunshine encourages us to take advantage of this natural energy boost: it’s a great time to start a new exercise routine (check out this link to 30 days no-equipment fitness programs to help get you started) or plan for the future with a fresh perspective.

Creativity is abundant now. Let ideas, projects and goals percolate to the surface of your mind. Keep a journal nearby and make notes of your ideas, clip pictures that inspire and let your imagination run free. Seek to expand, push past self imposed boundaries and enjoy a new beginning. It’s spring after all!

Shake the winter season off by resetting your body for a few days: consider a liver cleanse or eat lighter, fresh foods (think whole foods that are fresh and full of life). Enjoy all foods green: veggies, fruits and sea vegetables. Encourage your body to move and sweat – helping to further detoxify the system and help move stagnant qi. Exercise is a great way to stimulate feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. These hormones will help improve our outlook and our energy levels. Get biking or go for long walks in the sunshine – moving the body revitalizes our energy, moves the blood and improves our lymphatic circulation.

Spring is a great time to dream big, plan for your future successes and to get the body moving. Remember: a moving body is a healthy one!

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