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  • Kevin Joubert

Welcome February with tender, loving self-care!

We made it to February! While the month holds us firmly in winter, many find themselves longing for the brighter days of summer. Now is a great opportunity to ask yourself: How can I use the month of February to take better care of myself?

Winter is the season of yin: a time of year to look inward and reflect. For many, this time of year moves a bit slower and there is a sense of getting through. I think that it is a wonderful to time to create or refocus on your personal self-care routine. Self-care practice is dedicating time for delicious indulgences, soothing body treatments or making the time to reconnect with a friend.

When we take the time to replenish our reserves, it allows us to give more to others. I’d like to share a few ideas of how you can carve out some important “me” time to restore health, de-stress and freshen our attitudes. There are no rules to taking care of yourself: just so long that it brings you to that place of deep, rooted joy.

Here a few ideas of how to put more TLC into February!

Start your meditation practice. By now, you’ve heard all about the benefits of meditation (better sleep, improved mood, etc). Starting a practice is relatively easy: just set aside 5-10 minutes each morning & night to sit quietly, with closed eyes. You can play music or follow along with a meditation app (HeadSpace is a great one). If you are in Toronto, The 519 Community Centre is hosting an Introduction to Meditation group, every Sunday. Best part: it’s free! Contact Moustafa Abdelrahman for more information.

Try a new recipe Eating home cooked meals – ones that are balanced with good proteins, complex carbs and veggies will help to keep your energy levels elevated and your mood happy! Commit to just one new recipe each week. Focus on foods your love or something that you have always wanted to try. Ask a friend for their favorite recipe. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. A new dish in the slow cooker is enough to liven the taste buds and stoke your digestive fires!

Energize with bodywork Massages are always a nice way to distress the body but here are some many other treatments that you can benefit from. Consider trying Shiatsu, Pilates or a Reiki session. Each of these treatments can do wonders for your wellbeing and improve your outlook!

Indulge with a sweet treat One of my favorite moments during the week is when I can sit and relax with a delicious latte. This year, turmeric latte’s are very popular. It boasts the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric in a dairy or nut milk option. I had the pleasure to enjoy one of these hot drinks at the artsy cafe and gallery space OffSite (867 Dundas Street West).

Artsy & Modern: Offisite Cafe & Gallery Space

For even more great ideas on building your self-care practice, check out Bon Appetit website for 25 ways to practice self-care!

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