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2021: Time for Relief

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your body

with our




acupuncture & cupping treatments

Find your way back to optimal health.

What's Your Main Health Concern?

Migraine Pain


Find relief from debilitating headaches & migraines without medications.

Acupuncture helps migraine>

Back pain, muscle tight

Acute & Chronic Pain

If it's a sports injury or working at a desk all day, we have the formula to ease your pain.

Acupuncture for pain relief>

Stressed Man

Stress & Anxiety

Build resilience to stress & manage your anxiety with our restorative treatments.

Acupuncture for stress/anxiety >

Indigestion, IBS, Constipation


Bloating, acid reflux and fatigue after eating reflect a digestive system needing help.

Improve your digestion >

woman sleeping


Difficulty to fall asleep or stay asleep? Your treatments can help you sleep better.

Insomnia & acupuncture>

Healthy woman

Women's Health 

acupuncture helps regulate menstrual cycles, PCOS, infertility issues and PMS

Acupuncture benefits women's health >

wisdom of chinese medicine

Our Modalities

Back Massage

Based on meridian and point theories, we ease muscle tension and pain while restoring balance to the nervous system with various techniques.

Acupuncture meaning: Micro-thin, single-use needles are inserted into selected points to initiate the body's own internal healing mechanisms.

Fire Cupping
Fire Cupping 

A dried form of the herb Mugwort is ignited to deeply warm specific points of the body to stimulate blood flow, digestion and immune system.

Sterile glass cups are suctioned and placed over the body, creating an anti-pressure massage to improve blood flow & ease muscle tension.

Food Therapy
Food Energetics 
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We offer food therapy to rebalance the various energy systems of the body & optimize your health. 

Our simple lifestyle suggestions will allow you to get more from our treatments & help you lead a healthier life!

Your path to transformative health

Treatment Offerings

New Clients


What to expect?

During initial assessment & treatment ($120), we will go through your health history, identify your goals for treatment & prioritize your health concerns. Your acupuncturist will discuss the recommended treatment plan & the layout of each session, including which modalities will be used to optimize treatment results.  

Returning Clients


Whether you wish to continue your treatment plan, change the focus of treatment or simply book yourself a relaxation session, our 60 min ($100) or 45 min ($80) follow up treatment will do the trick. Of course, each session will include a mix of modalities. 

Fire Cupping
Fire Cupping

For our clients who love cupping therapy, we offer a 30 minute follow up treatment ($60). It gives us enough time to squeeze, stretch and pull those achy, sore muscles into relaxation mode. It's our most popular treatment!

Specialized Treatments

weight control

10 weeks - Appetite Control

We use a powerful auricular acupuncture protocol to help control appetite.>

Weekly 30 minute sessions


Smoking Cessation

10 weeks - Stop Smoking

Need a little extra help to quit smoking? We can help curb cravings.>

Weekly 30 minute sessions


why choose us?

We pride ourselves on offering a relaxing, deeply restorative treatment. If you can't relax...what's the point? 


Our approach is keep it simple. How do we know it works? Our clients are satisfied and they share their experience with friends & family.

Acupuncture shouldn't be a mystery. Our therapists are happy to share their knowledge & demystify this powerful medicine.

Our clinic is modern, bright and airy.


What can you expect from us? 

  • 1 on 1 care: we treat 1 client at a time rather than manage multiple rooms.

  • A follow up email after our first session: this gives you a chance to offer feedback and ask more questions.

  • Focused treatments with a variety of modalities, including cupping or electro-acupuncture at no extra cost.