Treatments are tailored to your specific condition. Along with acupuncture and the services listed below, part of the healing process is assessing the root cause of disease and making the necessary adjustments to minimize it's impact. Healing is not passive. Your participation is a necessity: lifestyle modifications, food habits, physical and emotional stressors and exercise patterns will all be addressed to maximize your benefit from treatment. 


Micro-thin, single-use disposable needles are inserted into selected acupuncture points accessing qi and initiating the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Tuina Massage

Based on meridian and point theories, Tuina is bodywork that aims to harmonize the circulation of Qi and blood, facilitate the recovery of musculo-skeletal injuries and to regulate the functions of internal organs,


Sterile glass cups are placed over selected parts of the body, creating a suction to release the soft tissue, similar to a deep massage. Cupping lifts the tissues up – creating more space for fluids and blood to circulate. 


A dried form of the herb Mugwort is used to deeply   warm specific points of the   body to stimulate yang and qi energy.


Nutritional Therapy

Foods have an energetic & a physiological effect on the body and qi. Dietary guidelines based on TCM theory look to complement the goals of treatment and help heal the body.

An ancient technique using a smooth tool that is rubbed over soft tissue; commonly the upper back or chest, legs and shoulder areas. It increases circulation in tight areas, releasing and opening up the meridians.

Kevin Joubert Registered Acupuncturist

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