mobile acupuncture clinic


Bring the benefits of acupuncture to you!


The mobile clinic allows for acupuncture services to be offered at your place of work, community center or retirement community. Each clinic is set up to accommodate your space – in a private boardroom, common reading room or any quiet area.


Treatments are done in a community–style atmosphere. What this means is that clients are treated individually, while seated comfortably in a group setting.


Needling is done only to the extremities and head so that there is no need to undress. Simply wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.


Contact Kevin to further discuss the needs of your organization. 


Treatments are 30 minutes and cost only $30.


Your first treatment session will include a detailed intake regarding your current health concerns & past medical history. Initial treatment is 90 minutes and they are provided while you are seated comfortably in a chair, on the sofa or I can bring in a treatment table.  Subsequent treatments are 50 minutes.


A quiet, clean atmosphere will be needed. The space should be free of distractions and allow you to fully relax.


House calls have many advantages over treatment at a clinic:

  • Save time by not traveling to your appointment.

  • Receive treatment even when you are not well enough to leave the house.

  • Treatments are provided in the comfort & security of your own home. 


Please contact Kevin for fees (at-home treatments)


First Appointment:

90 minutes (Intake and Treatment) 


Follow Up Appointments:

50 minutes 


Kevin Joubert Registered Acupuncturist

2 Carlton St.                                         (Corner Yonge/College)

Toronto, On M5B 1J3

1st Treatment? Once you've booked online, Kevin will email an online intake form to fill out.