a bit about kevin


Why did you become an acupuncturist?

I've always had an innate interest in health and wellbeing. Even as a youngster, I would read about meditation or make sugar free cookies with my mom. (keep in mind this was the 80's and cookies without sugar was practically unheard of). I was always trying to learn about new and innovative ways of being that would promote health and happiness. Finally, in the 30's, I decided to make my passion my profession. I took an introductory course in traditional chinese medicine theory - and the rest is history ;-)

What do you love most about working with clients?

Since treatments are always focused on rebalancing the whole body, clients often find health benefits in surprising ways. I love hearing the excitement and joy my patients experience when the acupuncture treatment surpasses their expectations.

What is a big challenge for you, as an acupuncturist?

A unique challenge to my profession is that our training is in chinese medicine lingo. We need to translate our findings into relevant information that is meaningful to our clients. It's not enough to diagnose a client with spleen qi deficiency. The real value is sharing why the spleen is deficient and how acupuncture and lifestyle changes can strengthen it.  

What keeps you busy outside of the clinic?

I like to keep fairly active with weight training, swimming and yoga (physical activity keeps me upbeat and happy). I am lucky to have a circle of good friends around me - we spend a lot of time together - eating good food, exploring the city and traveling the world. 


 “The cyclical nature of life is reflected in our health. At times we are strong and full of vitality; other times sick and unwell. Acupuncture heals in harmony with these cycles. It is able to fortify what is already strong, heal what needs nurturing and bring back vital energy to mind, body and spirit”.

Kevin Joubert Registered Acupuncturist

2 Carlton St.                                         (Corner Yonge/College)

Toronto, On M5B 1J3


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