Acupressure Facial

Not ready for cosmetic acupuncture but still want glowing skin? Try our acupressure facial! We focus on stimulating classic acupuncture points, meridian lines and lymphatic drainage to promote healthy looking skin. 

relax & rejuvenate your skin with:


Facial Cupping: Gentle facial cupping helps promote blood flow, relax tense muscles and drain excess fluids from the face. 


Energy Bar:  Light vibrations on the skin, under the eye and along sinuses break up tissue build up and promotes healing. 


Facial Massage:  The face has 43 muscles and each one is attached to the skin. We use gentle techniques to help relax muscles (and you) to promote the overlying skin to lay better. 


Other benefits include: Decrease under eye bags, firmer jowls, decrease in puffiness & decrease of age spots